Incasa Proofs

Inner page layout design 01

Note: This is not final artwork. ;-)

This is a long page, so scroll down to see all the info.

Inner pages don’t have to scroll like the home page. Since they may be more text heavy and have in depth content, they may be in single screen views, or scroll depending on how much content there is and what the ‘call to action’ is.

These pages will still swipe nicely in a scrollable fashion on mobile devices.

On the right we see my design for the an inner page. We are looking at a white background to get the layout down, then consider backgrounds. I am also suggesting this ‘cream colored’ off-white may be the best way to display text.

Click on images for better view.


In this view, we see a sidebar added, which can contain a email newsletter submit form, a blogroll of your blog post titles and other info.


A user of a mobile device, such as an iphone will swipe, “scrolling” through the page.


A user of a mobile device, such as an iphone will swipe, “scrolling” through the page.


An alternate design has a large image in the header, and the content below.


Here seen with a sidebar and opt-in field.