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We employ SEO Web Design for all of our clients’ projects.
The reason is that full-scale Search Engine Optimization costs upwards of $3000 per month. However, building the right keywords into the foundation of your website is the most economical way to tap search engine traffic.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO web design is design optimized for search engines, otherwise known search engine optimization (SEO). All sites need visitors, and the easiest way to attract these visitors is organic or search engine traffic. Optimizing your site for the right keywords allows it to appear in google, MSN/Bing, and Yahoo whenever someone is actively searching for what you have to offer.

In addition, because organic search traffic is so important, we advocate the use of a blog in addition to or instead of a traditional website. Blogs allow you to update your web content easily, on your own, without having to pay a web professional or learn web programming languages. Blogs – if properly installed on a suitable host and configured for SEO - are magnets for search engine traffic, due to the way they are configured to communicate updates through RSS Feeds. Blogs are also ideal for integrating your site with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, allowing you to easily establish outposts for your content. This allows you to expand the distribution of your content to a wider audience.

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While our company does not specialize in full-scale search engine optimization, we can offer low-cost options to capture search engine traffic without investing thousands of dollars each month for full-service SEO. We believe that starting with SEO web design will set a foundation for the most efficient future investments in SEO should you decide to go that route. We partner with several companies that do specialize in full-scale SEO and will happily refer you to the appropriate trusted partner when you are ready.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process by which you carefully research trends in online search data to determine the most cost-effective keyword phrases used by people looking for the content on your site. The elements of your site are then optimized with these words, sitemaps are developed and submitted to major search engines, and care is taken to monitor the results and modify them constantly to keep your site on top of the search engine results.

SEO Web Design: Our Process

First, we look at your goals for your business and web site as well as what your competitors are doing and where your targets are hanging out on social media. Then we evaluate search terms related to your product, service, or campaign. We look for trends in searches that people have been using in popular search engines over the last 6 months or year. Using data from major search engines, and feedback from you, we determine the most appropriate seed keywords and related keyword phrases that will give you the most traffic from search engines with the smallest investment.

Once we finalize our primary keyword research, we weave these words into the headlines, the title of the pages and even the names of the images on your web site. Often web designers are not trained in SEO and they waste valuable opportunities to attract organic traffic by choosing random names for images, titles, and headings of your site, without applying these techniques. Having these features integrated as you are beginning your web presence is the most efficient way to implement this particular SEO technique.

What if I Already Have a Site That Was NOT Built Using SEO Web Design?
Good question! Many people are in this situation. Please contact us for a proposal, as we can work with you to rename sections of your site at an affordable rate. We can also set you up with a blog or landing pages that can serve as “band-aid” solutions to this problem. In addition, Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to increase your search engine ranking and tap the traffic from social networks. We have many affordable solutions that will help you.

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