Viral Videos Will Still Rule Internet Marketing in 2010 – Are You Using Them Yet?

by sdepolo on December 16, 2009

Viral videos and video search engine optimization have taken internet marketing by a storm since late 2008. So why are so few businesses taking advantage of them as we head into 2010?

The answer is simple…video editing and distribution to sites like YouTube is a seemingly insurmountable time drain for most people. It’s an imaginary barrier, however, with the newest tools of the video marketing trade. If you have been putting off getting in the video game since 2008, I can’t see why you wouldn’t take a few minutes to learn how to change your game for the coming year…

You need to see this right now. Forget New Year’s resolutions, just watch this video now and see why you would be crazy not to at least pick up the best video camera you’ll need to do this, on sale today only for 40% off (more on that after you see how powerful this tactic is).

Watch From Sofa to Success Video

If you have no idea what you would create videos about, you can ask your Facebook Fan Page fans or other users of your site to submit content. They have to be interested, and have enough of a connection with you to want to take that extra step and not only create, but publish the content on your site or Fan Page.

Reach them on a deeper level and bank on the strategy used by American Idol to tap their desire to be famous…For a good example of this is Comedy Central’s Crash Course in Comedy.

Getting users to contribute humorous how-to videos is one way to have content generated by others that relates to your topic of interest.

To create your own content, use the Flip Mino HD camera for under $200 and have the content edited and uploaded in less than 20 minutes of total production time. We used it to create a video of our experience with the Climate Justice Campaign recently. It’s such a breeze compared to any other method of video editing. See the finished piece that took 20 min to create:

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